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Our Story

About 1stRound Records

At 1st Round Records, music is our universal language. We are dedicated to working with creative artists and bringing true content to music that people can enjoy in any walk of life. Independently established in 2009, 1st Round is based out of Los Angeles, California, the music capital of the world. It gained recognition from its first artist Sammy Adams, when they released his debut album, Boston’s Boy, at #1 on the iTunes hip-hop charts.

Now expanding across other genres of music such as hip-hop, pop, dance and R&B, 1st Round has added multiple other acts to the family, and continues to grow as one of the most prominent independent labels. “We attack the music industry from a different angle that we find most beneficial for our artists. It’s a different world today, and lots of musicians are finding success with the focus indies’ are able to provide,” says Zack Johnson, President of 1st Round Records. Overall, 1st Round builds a solid platform for its artists to stand on.


Teague Egan | CEO

Teague Egan is a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and founder of 1st Round Enterprises, a company that creates and owns products and properties in sports, music, film, and private equity.


Zack Johnson | President

Johnson lead 1st Round Records to tremendous success by executive producing Sam Adams debut album “Boston’s Boy,” that reached #1 on the iTunes Hip Hop chart. Zack then went to London to A&R Adams mixtape “Party Records,” which had over 50,000 downloads in the first month


Aaron T. Harper | VP

Aaron is the Vice President of 1st Round’s Electronic Dance Music Division. He leads efforts to manage and produce artists’ and DJ’s throughout this space, and uses his keen ear to find up and coming talent. Influence by many of the top EDM artists of our time, Aaron is working closely with other parts of the label to build this division.


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Music Videos

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